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Name: East Midlands
Opened: 1965
Terminals: 1
Runways: 1
Destinations served:90+
Passengers: 4.7m (2007)


Major Duty Free Outlets

Passengers can take advantage of the great deals in the Biza Tax & Duty Free store. Items sold in the store are much cheaper compared to those sold locally; the reason being is that items that are sold inside the East Midlands Airport are exempt from customs duties and are not subjected to local tax laws. The store is also strategically located right inside the departure lounge of the East Midlands Airport, making it more convenient for passengers to shop. So right after passing through the security checkpoint, remember to drop by the Biza Tax & Duty Free store for a little retail therapy.

Duty Free Limits

All passengers arriving in the East Midlands Airport are entitled to bring certain duty free goods in specific quantities. If you are buying wine in the East Midlands Airport duty free store, you can only buy up to two litres, whilst liquors that are over 22% in volume are limited to just one liter. The limit for cigarettes is set at 200, while the limit for cigarillos is 100. If you are buying cigars, the limit is 50, and if you are buying smoking tobacco, the limit is set at 250 grams. The maximum amount of pure perfume that you can buy is at 60cc/ml. The limit for other items not mentioned is limited £145 in value.

Hot Items

Certain items in the East Midlands Airport duty free store sell like hotcakes because they cost considerably lower than their local counterparts. If you buy spirits in the East Midlands Airport duty free store, you can expect to save at least 40%, and if you buy beauty products, you can save at least 20%. Hot items on the shelves include liquor, wine, fragrances and cosmetics. These items make great gifts for relatives and loved ones, or can serve as a little reward for yourself. So remember to include the duty free store in your itinerary and your budget whenever you pass through the East Midlands Airport.

Carry-On Luggage

All passengers coming from the East Midlands Airport parking go through strict security procedures, and there are specific policies for carry-on luggage. Liquids are prohibited items for passing through East Midlands Airport, unless carried in small quantities (i.e. 100ml or less). Because duty free shopping located after you pass security control, passengers are able to buy liquid items such as perfumes, gels, creams and sprays and add it to your carry-on luggage. However, make sure that for the duration of your trip, duty free items remain in their original packaging, including the box, receipt and the sealed plastic bag provided by the store.